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Signed Prints

The artwork prints sold in the D9S Art Shop (and other select online shops) have a "digital signature" in the lower left corner of each print by default. (For more about these digital signatures, see About Artwork Prints.) I am now offering the option of ordering hand signed prints. These prints will be signs personally by the artist (Lizzie Prusaczyk) on the back of the print or on the front corner depending on your stated preference when ordering. Please indicate where on the print you would prefer the signature be written in the comments section during the checkout process. If you do not specify this during the checkout process, I will email you to ask if you have a preference. In addition to the artist's signature (which can be on the front or back depending on your preference) I will also write the title of the artwork, the creation date, and limited edition number on the back of the artwork.

Processing & Shipping

For a print of any size to be hand signed, there is a fee of $22.50 per print. This is due to the increased production time and costs. The signed prints also take longer to ship. The digitally signed prints will be shipped to you in two to three business days (how long it takes to receive the print(s) from the time you placed your order) for shipping within the United States. Prints that are signed by hand will take at least six to eight business days for processing and shipping in the United States. International orders also must add at least four business days to the shipping time as opposed to digitally signed prints.

For more information about shipping, see the Shipping & Returns page. If you have any questions about the prints or artworks in the D9S Art Shop, please feel free to ask me.

Last Updated: October 17, 2016